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Interpreting Your Audience

Define Your Audience – Not Your Business

The message consistency you convey throughout a Campaign and Business Structure should cover your Identity, Website Design, Social Media, Signage, Advertising, and every other aspect of what you’re using for promotion. All of the pieces that structure your business’s image should be consistent with all others – with its visual aspects, message and style.

Your clients are not looking at “What you are selling” – they’re looking for “What they want”. This makes a big difference in how to define your message. Keep in mind that you are there for them – not you. This is not to say that a Business Structure is something that you shouldn’t have. This focusses on the strengths and direction of your business. A Marketing Statement, however, revolves around the strengths of your products and services. It defines how you are perceived by current and potential customers.

What Are My Clients Looking at?

Keeping your current clients is as important as finding new ones. Their faith in your business can bring in more customers by references, high star ratings, posts, reviews, sponsorships, comparison ratings, and word-of-mouth. 1 “Thumbs-down” review can outweigh the strengths of 10 “Thumbs-ups”.

People research other businesses like yours, even if they are currently with you. However, another company can step in at any time and make a better offer – or even the same one. If a client is not fully satisfied with your product or service, they can drop you without a moment’s notice.

What are Outreach Marketing Techniques?

Whether your business is doing well or needs improvement may lie within your Outreach. Although some may be scanning the internet for the best options by comparison, others may prefer to ask their friends and colleagues for recommendations. Most rely on a more targeted approach.

Defining Outreach to new or current clients will depend on how you connect with them. Regardless of on what you offer and what their specific needs are, each Target Audience will have a preferred method of how they find you.

Although the message surrounding your business should be defined with one Identity, you may need different messages for multiple client types.

What Strategy is My Marketing Competitors Using?

Even if you are an expert in your industry, others are as well. This is the reason for looking at your competitors’ outreach techniques and how they affect your statistics. This is not to say that you should beat their prices, their services or even match what they are doing. But as the strengths of your business sets you apart from the competition, weaknesses will do the same. 

The analysis of statistics will assist in the improvement of a business’s current and future objectives. pricing, combination offerings, specialty services, location… these are all potentials for new business activity.