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Visual First Impression

How Does Illustration Relate to Marketing and Advertising Efforts?

From websites to television to packaging to tradeshows, the eye-catching illustration attached to your brand or campaign drive the attention of your viewer to know what they can expect from you. A message can be brought to life with visuals that have never been seen before.

Illustration that brings consistency across marketing efforts will ignite the memory of any viewer. When using illustration to enhance a brand or product, you combine everything you want to say into a graphic system that no other business has. Images will not only show what the message is about, they will also remind the viewer of your business as a whole.

What Kinds of Visual Information Can Help my Business?

Illustration can be used to grab attention when used in all forms of communication. Custom Icons, Page Layouts, Banners, Posters and Signage are all places where the visual can drive the message.

In the business world, Infographics create an understanding of information quickly and effectively. Charts, Graphs, and other sources of data tend to cause a lack of retention – or just make people nod off completely when created with no distinction. Composition and visual distinctness can be used to set important information apart from the hundreds of charts people are exposed to.


How Does Illustration Help my Business be Remembered?

If a trade show booth sends an overall message, the marketing materials may differ slightly from the main message but use similar illustration styles to refer to the main message and could spark a memory using different collateral with the same information in an online presence won’t stand out if its consistency throughout their travels from one page to another. The attention span on the web today is short. Many times, you will have one chance, a 3-5 second shot at a viewer’s grasp on content. Instead of reading a headline and tagline or skimming through text, Illustration can turn missed or misunderstood information into immediate facts about what they can get from your business.

Why Shouldn’t I Just use Clipart and Stock Photos?

There are times when using clip art, whether Photography or Illustrations, runs the risk of seeing that someone else is using the same set of imagery that you spent hours having sourced for your work. You will lose peoples’ attention – and respect for your business by applying cookie cutter images used in another company’s campaign.

The lack of distinction and individuality can also be reduced when a healthcare agency is using the same imagery as a school is using. The viewer may assume that they are the same company – or just cheap and don’t care. Cutting corners doesn’t help your visual presence – It runs the risk of sending a negative message or being ignored completely.

Which Medium Should be Used for my Business?

Illustration, like your identity, should be based on the message that you are sending.

For example, using a time period-based illustration could represent a gallery or antique store with a more traditional style of illustration such as paint or pencil, while the poster of a play surrounding the 50’s might have digitally enhanced photograph or stylized illustration based on that time-period.

Fonts themselves may be illustrated and can tell a story before even reading the words. A series of headers or categories that use illustration can either set apart or unite information in any marketing materials when being viewed for the first time or through several resources.

A photo that is enhanced by illustration can be just as powerful – when done correctly. Many times, photographs used in advertising and other medias do not correctly convey the message that your business is trying to get across or it may be catering to the wrong audience altogether. It is important to keep in mind the quality and tone that is represented by photography sends a message as well. When using a low-quality standard photo, you could be risking potential business.