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What Makes Motion Effective?

With the amount of energy that goes into promoting a business, Motion is based on getting people to get the right message efficiently and decisively. Although many forms of media are out there, depending on the product or service, some markets tend to respond to Motion more than others.

Whether animation, video, or other types of motion graphics, the sense of immediate information provided with Motion brings the comprehensiveness some may want without having to read long explanations. This is especially true in fast-paced environments like Television and Online.

Motion Improves Marketing Efforts.

Media Coverage shows actual events instead of one-sided possibilities of word editing. It provides a stronger sense of remembering information based on its visual, audible, and graphic inclusive state. Research has shown that up to 84% of customers are convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video for specific markets.

The viewer wants the message to be conveyed efficiently and decisively bringing information such as comparisons to other solutions, definition, explanation, and usage. Whether online, television, or business to business, video is used in such methods as review of a product or service feedback.

Clients respond to Video response and reviews. Audiences that are users of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other online resources uses a place for posting about the product itself. Although Facebook is mainly used for entertainment, there is a tremendous amount of users which relate to target based sales.

Since the most fundamental part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization Definition) is text-based information, motion brings a tremendous amount of increase in visibility when found online. This is why the use of Alt Tags, subtitles, and text descriptions can be added to a Video or Animation providing search engines such as Google and Bing the ability to find Motion-based information.

How Should I use Motion to Improve Internal Business Actions?

Businesses also have the need for reaching out to their employees. Whether training on new topics, recording and distributing meetings and speeches, or even interaction with other businesses, the use of PowerPoint, internal video postings and tutorials for new employees allow for a better grasp on information.

Trade shows for instance are very populated and can provide information to visitors without even talking to a representative. It can draw in passers-by and – if done correctly – provide relevant information specifically designed to its tradeshow-based audience rather than just posting a sales commercial. if representees of your business at the show are busy with potential visitors, monitors with Motion can pull in those interested. At times, it can explain what they can expect from your service with the basic information that can bring more questions regarding what you bring to the table.

An opening video as a clickable option on a website shows what a business is about for those who want to see and hear rather than reading text. Websites are often found on YouTube as they provide the opportunity to bring the user directly to a page on your site. Motion Graphics say much about your business that a standard website can. Visiting a website gives a larger chance of being remembered.

Where Else Should I use Motion?

In PR (Public Relations Explained) video can sometimes bring even more to the table than text. Although text details the issues, it can sometimes be considered as an edited or altered set of information. A video interview, for instance, can project a more believable and truthful stance when it comes to fact vs. interpretation.

If a business brings more to the table than its competitors it may be covered, not only by what is said in your own content but is easily found reviews based on comparison to other similar services, the unboxing of products and actual usage of software.

In information gathering situations like tests, informative processes, and tutorials, information may be referenced with the use of content such as illustration and text but is remembered more than without it.

Video is becoming a more common and current form of information representation when referring to speed entertainment, at their convenience and, most importantly, in video form. Motion Graphics drive 100%+ more traffic than organic social media. (Source: Marketing Statistics overview