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Define Your Business Online

How is a Website Different than an Online Presence?

A website is just that – a website. There is so much more to for your business to thrive.  

Whether a website focuses on a product, a service, an event, or a business, its online presence is what brings people in to get the most relevant information possible. Regardless of that website being the focus of your online presence, there are many pieces to its lure.

Your website is the book that defines your story. Having someone pick that book up and read it is where your online presence comes in. Your book must have an existence outside of itself. It won’t be found just sitting out there on the web with no reference to it. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful influences on a business. This information, when used correctly, expresses personal experiences they’ve had with your business.

How do I Get My Website Noticed?

When the content of your website reviewed or rated by other sources, it not only draws clients in but will bring more influence. A product or service with no star ratings, reviews, or references from other sources like Google, Facebook and Instagram gives your business little clout.

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, External Blogging, online PR, links from other sites… when well attended to, provide useful information. External and Offline Advertising like Press releases, Television, Print Collateral, Tradeshows, Sponsorships, provide many ways to bump up the activity for your business.

What Should Come with my Website?

Web-based video, photography, responsiveness, and social mediaAs important as the look of your website is, many other aspects should be used to bringing success. This requires more than a great design that represents your company. Even the graphics and color choices that your clients respond to, the hierarchy of information, and other portions of basic design are only one small aspect of building a website.

Creating a website isn’t just producing a great interactive design and influential content. Consider what goes on behind the scenes. Setting up a URL (website name) and emails, specialty code and testing, or even transferring from one hosting service to another takes expertise and experience. 

Writing content for the web is not the same as writing for other informational resources that your company uses. Although the all media created for your website should parallel, there is a distinct method to how the search engines read each page. Writing content, placing graphics, and detailing how the code functions are all a part of the grand scheme.

What About the Future?

What happens if your website needs updates or major changes? How often will edits need to be made due to Analytic Reporting? If you have a major change or opportunity that your public needs to hear about, how easy will changing your site content be? 

The attraction to your website should be measured in statistic reports, recommendations for changes and/or upgrades based on Statistics. There is a great amount of pull when content is updated regularly.

Don’t just tell potential clients about what you’re promoting. Tell them why they should be better off using you than your competition. Regardless of how important the subject, how well designed, well worded, people will not find your website if it stands without being noticed. This may realistically include promotion of resources that do not even exist on the web. These may include signage, press releases, events, media coverage and other external items.

What is the Cost of a Website?

Website - Every Student Present

How much will I expect to spend on a website? Seems an easy enough question to answer. But, defining the cost of your web presence is like walking onto a car dealership and asking, “How Much does a car cost?”

The reality is that your business requirements drive the answer. Show how much different and better you are than any other business in your field. Your website’s backend focusses on audience location, response techniques, how many pages your site is, setting up or transferring hosting and emails, or even having the ability to update your website yourself… these are as (or more) important as the website itself.