Council on Children and Families Portfolio

The Council on Children and Families required a variety of graphic solutions for their information-based books. From utilizing children in a positive light to utilizing them in the negative – all needing to be represented in a way that didn’t make them look like subjects of statistics.

The Kids Count Data Book - an 84 pager with a poster calendar and direct mail piece, provided the opportunity of showing off  a set of dry information and charts in a fun and exciting way. The Children with Incarcerated Parents Book was more of a challenge – keeping a subject that was a bit darker out of the somber feel and in a more hopeful light.

In addition to the print material, The Council on Children and Families needed assistance on a website for Every Student Present. This website required the inclusion of existing slide presentations, videos and pdfs while the rest was designed and built from sitemap to graphics to code. (the website can be seen here).