Cross River Health Care Marketing


In a public crisis, Health Care Marketing works incredibly well to inform the public of information that’s being missed. Cross River Health Care and Benedictine Hospital were on the brink of becoming one corporation when a negative campaign against them began to hit the streets. The fight almost brought the merger to a halt. A PR campaign was needed to bring peace to the waters and diffuse the situation.

The truth of the matter was that bringing the entities together would create hospitals in four different areas that didn’t have their own specialties, but now would have a combination of all services in all places.

The Cross River Health Care Marketing Campaign begin with a simple ad: “We’re planning to help Ed teach his grandson how to pitch a fastball.” 

The concept by this and the following ads was that the merger gave Ed (and – all patients) the option to stay in their own areas and not be sent to another city for treatment. The merger would be a benefit to all.

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