The Mediterranean Digest – Cookbook Promotion

Shaw Rabadi’s Cookbook, “Savor the Spices of Life”, was his first in a series called “The Mediterranean Digest.” The Olive Branch logo stood for his roots and the style of his cooking.

The cookbook promotion’s website that followed was based on the need for dynamic content. Rotating recipes, recommended spices for certain dishes… the rotating content would create a database of useful cooking information.

Previous to the signing, cookbook promotion interviews and radio spots were set up while posters hung in bookstore windows. For the book signing itself, 5′ banners and handouts were needed. All featured the cookbook promotion with the Olive Branch Logo.

There were three main visual focuses for the projects. The Olive Branch Logo was the main graphic. It lived on every piece. We needed Shaw, himself. As a Chef, he needed to be recognizable. And, of course, the cookbook promotion came first as the main point of the trade show products. The header of the website’s home page featured the cookbook as well. This would change based on the promotion.

Cookbook Promotion: Shaw Rabadi The Mediterranean Digest Cookbook Promotion: Shaw Rabadi The Mediterranean Digest Tradeshow PosterCookbook Promotion: Shaw Rabadi Savor the Spices of Life Tradeshow Poster