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  As time moves forward, it is difficult to visually define technology without getting stuck in the time period that you are in. Videos from five years ago may have computers that are already completely out of date. The video must then be replaced or updated. This “Vision” video is meant to depict the future of […]

BAMGraphics Vision Future

Health Care Video Intro

Greene Health Intro

Greene Health needed an animated intro logo for the beginning of their instruction videos as well as for their television commercials. The object was to create a 5 second piece that would show the company’s logo and tagline. The animation had to be interesting and memorable enough to be recognized. Motion plays a big part […]

Stream My Sport

  Getting your sports portfolio ready for College is difficult at best. Pictures and transcripts just won’t do it anymore. Youtube? That’s a bit unprofessional. A Student who wants a serious chance requires a serious tool. Along comes Stream My Sport – a professionally edited, transcript and interview based video portfolio with the fundamentals that […]

NY Air Video

NY Air

The High Speed Internet Campaign for “NY Air” was a new business launch that spanned Columbia and Greene Counties of New York. Target audiences were both business and residential. With additional products like VoIP and Surveillance systems, NY Air’s High Speed Internet would be geared to fit both audiences with one promotional campaign. The High Speed Internet Campaign began with […]

Tec Smart

Questar 3 prepares high school students for the upcoming technology they will be facing by exposing them to jobs of the future in this tour of the Tec Smart facility. This video shows the views of some of the individuals that run the Tec Smart facility as well as insights from some of the students. […]

Doullina Commercial

When Doullina became more popular as a custom scrapbooking company, they began to need a local television presence. Their look was obvious: Simple and Elegant. View their logo here.

Children’s Hope Rescue

Children’s Hope Rescue is an international organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and their families in Sub-Saharan Africa. When children draw the alphabet in the sand and educational facilities don’t have doors or roofs, donating my time for a video was the least I could do.