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Greene County Branding Campaign

The Greene County Branding Campaign for New York State consisted of thee major parts: Greene Government, Greene Business and Greene Tourism. For the Greene Government section, a 20-page Legislative Gazette showed local government initiatives. A 64-page Data Book was also produced for the County to enforce governmental benefits of Greene County, NY. The Greene County […]

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Health Care Marketing

Cross River Health Care Marketing

  In a public crisis, Health Care Marketing works incredibly well to inform the public of information that’s being missed. Cross River Health Care and Benedictine Hospital were on the brink of becoming one corporation when a negative campaign against them began to hit the streets. The fight almost brought the merger to a halt. A […]

NYS Tax Amnesty

The NYS Tax Amnesty was the most successful New York State awareness campaign to date. While the state was originally hoping for $120 million, $520 million was actually collected in back taxes due to this hard hitting, cross-medium campaign. With the assistance of Mary Beth Mooney, the entire campaign was completed in less than two […]

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Learner First Icon

Learner First

      The curriculum of a teacher can make or break the students learning. Integration of a teacher’s lesson plan with the lesson plan of other teachers improves a student’s education tenfold. Learner First created a system named CORE which pulls together the unique DNA Profile of the school, teachers and students. As a […]

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute was running into various troubles with their graphic design projects – print materials didn’t match each other, graphics weren’t to the caliber that they needed to be, and mostly no-one geared for the job was in the position. As a new element to the College’s efforts, print materials became the first step in […]

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artist vs geek

Midhudsonmedia Ad Series

Midhudsonmedia required an ad series that illustrated how a good website required not only a good design staff, but a talented programing staff as well. The ads focussed on the “geek” and the “artist” – two familiar stereotypes in the field. This ad was the predominant one followed by such mathematical ads as such as […]

The Mediterranean Digest – Cookbook Promotion

Shaw Rabadi’s Cookbook, “Savor the Spices of Life”, was his first in a series called “The Mediterranean Digest.” The Olive Branch logo stood for his roots and the style of his cooking. The cookbook promotion’s website that followed was based on the need for dynamic content. Rotating recipes, recommended spices for certain dishes… the rotating content would […]

The Mediterranean Digest Olive Branch Logo